When was silver $50?

You can learn more about those two specific Gold and Silver Price Today highs here. Demand for silver is only expected to increase due to the Inflation Reduction Act and the desire for countries to be more environmentally friendly. Lear Capital offers investors of all backgrounds and nationalities options to buy silver in ingots or coins. Kitco (news ): Gold and silver are about to explode into an explosive uptick, said Patrick Karim, technical analyst and co-founder of Northstar & Badcharts. According to Karim, both silver and gold must reach certain price levels before another upward rally is confirmed and, once they do, new all-time highs can be surpassed.

For Karim's views on the stock market and his long-term analysis of silver and gold, watch the video above. Both gold and silver, which is often called the gold of the poor, have taken on the role of currencies as the dollar loses its luster and inflation fears run wild, Hanlon said. Several factors are driving investors away from the dollar and opting for investments in safe havens, such as gold and silver.