What was the highest silver price in 2011?

The second is achieved through paper trading, which is carried out through the futures market, in which participants sign futures contracts for the delivery of silver in the future at an agreed price. The silver market was also thought to be closed due to the shortage of high-purity bars needed for the silver paste used in solar panels. A long-term view of Gold and Silver Price Today reveals that precious metals move in almost identical patterns. It's important to note that you won't own physical silver when investing in any ETF platform, even a silver ETF that records physical silver cannot be exchanged for tangible white metal. Read on to see how historical silver prices have moved and what that means for both current silver prices and the price of white metal in the future.

Silver investors and traders know that the metal is under-traded and therefore volatile, but the extent of the correction was surprising. As a final note on the price of silver and the purchase of silver bullion, it is important for investors to know that manipulating bullion prices is a major problem in this area. Despite the current price of the white metal, many market observers say there are good prospects for buying silver. Interestingly, even in those countries white metal is normally produced as a by-product, for example, a mine that mainly produces gold could also produce silver.

Investing in a silver ETF is similar to trading a stock on an exchange, and there are several silver ETF options to choose from. The Telegraph quotes the president of precious metals trading firm Dillon Gage as saying: “U.S. investors bought silver and gold as a way to protect themselves against further erosion of the dollar's purchasing power. The result of all these economic factors, including the belief that the dollar was under siege, was that investors sought safe assets such as gold and silver.

Many observers turned to investment banks such as JP Morgan, suspected of manipulating the silver market, which at the time was known for short selling silver despite the fact that prices continued to rise.